Iron deficiency, Gluten, and Hair Loss

Hair Loss is something that most of us don’t take very lightly. Most hair loss is caused by aging or heredity. However, there are times when people start to lose their hair without any apparent reason. One of the more unexpected causes of hair loss may be linked to dietary and autoimmune problems. Celiac disease is a genetic condition caused …

Dreadlock Care Supplies now in stock!

Dreadlock care supplies We carry some of the essential dreadlock hair supplies, Including Tightening Gel, Cooling Spray, Knotty Boy Dreadlock Soap , Dreadlock Wax and Knotty Boy Natural Soap.  Pictured on the bottom shelf, as well as the other supplies shown on the top shelf for  hair replacement clients.      

INTRODUCING: The New “Invisible Part” Volumizer

EVOLVE introduces the NEW “Invisible Part” Volumizer, available in left, right and center part. A part so natural, it’s almost invisible. The new “Invisbile Part” Volumizer is lightweight, comfortable and breathable. Made of a translucent micro-polymer that gives the appearance of a healthy scalp and realistic part. It will not trap water underneath, cause irritation or hold in body heat.Like …

Today was shear sharpening day!

 Today we welcomed Bonika from Bonika Shears to sharpen all of our shears.  I always called them scissors, but I was told that scissors are what kids use to cut paper shapes. Shears however are what professional hair cutters use to cut hair. She has a great service of coming to us.

Fine or thinning hair solution for women!

If you are a woman who suffers from hair loss, fine or thinning hair, suffer no more. The EVOLVE Volumizer is a unique hair integration system that changes how you look and how you feel about YOU! It truly is a life changing experience.      The EVOLVE Volumizer can be used as a wig alternative, as a solution for genetically …

Evolve Hair Volumizer Coming Soon!

Last week, Pura and Harold went to Tallahassee Fl for training on the Evolve Volumizer.  This is a unique hair system with a dual designed objective, fashion wants and  hair needs. The Volumizer’s main attraction is that it can be used  as a way to add hair to the top of women with hair thinning (female pattern hair loss) WITHOUT … we tried again

This is a copy of our second ad.  Our agency thought it was a good idea to list a coupon, or discount. and published a 25% discount. (No longer valid).   Without being specific. a 25% discount is overreaching.  Since are prices are modest, this din’t help us much.  This ad was published late 2013 and into 2014.

Our first print advertisement

This was the first print ad that we had published. I’m not sure print ads are effective any longer. We put out around 3 other print ads. We got some calls, but not enough to continue running print ads.  We want to feature our hair restoration business, but as our friends know, we also specialise in curly hair, and general …

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our Blog.  This year (2015), we will try to post relevant and informative information that will help you know who we are at Nuvida Hair Restoration Studio Salon. We are a full service salon, specialising in hair restoration.  We welcome all people, men, women, children.  You can get a haircut, change the color of your hair, get curls, …