How to choose the right hair system for you.

Today’s hair replacement systems have no lack of choice when it comes to product selection. But which one should you choose? Regarding hair replacement systems, also called toupees, hair pieces, and better known as a human hair system, there are various base options. The base of the hair system is where the hair is attached.

There are 2 major type of materials used for bases, they are lace and skin. Then we have combinations of materials, where a part of the unit is lace and the other skin.

Within the category of lace there are numerous types of laces like French lace or Swiss lace or welded monofilament, for example. Skin units also have various grades and thicknesses available.

In the selection of any hair system base, there is a balance that must be achieved between durability, appearance, and breath ability. For example, Swiss Lace completely disappears when attached. No matter how closely you look under any lighting conditions, all you see is your scalp. You can wear your hair in any style and be totally confident that you have a perfect undetectable hairline. Swiss lace is delicate, so it is normally used just in the front hairline. French Lace is another option that is not as invisible as Swiss Lace, however, is more durable. Another base option are the various skin units that look very natural. They are made very thin and almost “mold” themselves onto your scalp. The downside of the skin units is that they aren’t breathable, and therefore may be hotter to wear.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as the “best” base. Lifestyle, durability, size and comfort will all play a part in the selection of your base.