Iron deficiency, Gluten, and Hair Loss

Hair Loss is something that most of us don’t take very lightly. Most hair loss is caused by aging or heredity. However, there are times when people start to lose their hair without any apparent reason. One of the more unexpected causes of hair loss may be linked to dietary and autoimmune problems.
Celiac disease is a genetic condition caused by the body’s negative reaction to Gluten consumption which damages the small intestines, causing various nutritional deficiencies that may affect hair and cause it to become dry and brittle or fall out. It is linked to another autoimmune malady called alopecia areata; which causes bald patches or total hair loss. In both cases, the body’s own immune cells cause the harm. Studies were also conducted to investigate the link between iron deficiency and hair loss, and for the most part it was concluded that iron loss may be a factor in hair loss, but not a very significant one. Adopting a Gluten-free diet may help reverse hair loss in both cases.
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