(Don’t) Scratch That: The Most Common Causes of Scalp Itching

Owners of hair replacement systems know that they need to care for and attach their system properly to avoid any mishaps or problems. But one common problem that plagues hair system users is the problem of itching; specifically, itching under the system itself. There are many possible reasons for this, and knowing the exact reason is just a matter of running down possible causes and applying the correct remedies for them. Here are some of the most common reasons why your scalp might be itching every time you use your hair replacement system:

  • Sweat Sweat and moisture can accumulate under skin and monofilament bases: this is because these types of bases allow very little air to pass through them. Your scalp sweat takes much longer to evaporate, and over time, this sweat causes itching and irritation. The best remedy is changing the material of your base to something more porous like lace.
  • Adhesive Breakdown When the hair system’s adhesive begins to deteriorate and mix with moisture, sweat, and water; this combination of residues builds up under the scalp and causes itching. Try to shorten the periods for bonding by roughly two or so days.
  • Improper Hair and Scalp Product rinsing Sometimes scalp itch is caused by a failure to thoroughly rinse out your hair care products and scalp care products. Lace base wearers who don’t painstakingly remove hair cleaners may experience product buildup under their base which may cause itching. Scalp cleaners that are meant to remove adhesives and solvents may remain on skin, and even small traces of these can cause scalp itch. Clean and exfoliate your hair and scalp methodically to fix this.
  • Product Allergies – Some hair and scalp products; as well as hair system adhesives may contain chemicals your skin is allergic to. These will cause scalp itch when you use them. Try out different product brands to see which ones you’re not allergic to.

Preventing scalp itch is not rocket science: it is just a matter of knowing what you may be doing wrong, and then doing it right.  

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