Solve it with Solvent: Hair System adhesive removal

If you are a hair system user; one of the most important procedures you need to master is the proper way to remove adhesive from your hair replacement system. Thorough adhesive removal ensures that your system’s base is always clean, and that there is no messy, uncomfortable buildup of adhesive residue that may cause complications with correct bonding and lead to scalp itch.

One of the most common ways of removing adhesive from your hair system’s base is the Solvent Method: as its name suggests; it involves the use of solvents (such as Lace release) to clean the adhesive off of the base. Aside from the base-cleaning solvent itself; you will also need a container, dish soap, a wide-toothed comb, a spoon or toothbrush, and a piece of microfiber cloth. You also need hair bands or another implement for keeping braided or long hair away from the solvent.

Start by immersing the entire underside of the base into the container filled with solvent. Make sure that the hair side of the system is facing upwards towards you. If you’re using a long-haired system; you’ll have to keep the remainder of the hair (e.g., braided hair) away from the solvent.

Soak the hair system into the container for one hour (minimum) or more, but never overnight: soaking a skin base or poly perimeter base in citrus-based solvent may cause the base to turn yellow. The hair might also absorb the solvent; leaving adhesive on the base. Check on the container often.

Slowly lift the hair system from left to right, or front to back. Don’t lift both sides simultaneously to prevent hair being pulled to the base’s underside. Then; either use a spoon or toothbrush (for skin or poly perimeter bases), or a microfiber cloth (for lace bases) to scrape away any remaining adhesive.

Remove any stubborn adhesive by using some dish soap to the base. Scrub gently with both fingers while rinsing over cool running water. Lastly, rinse with cool water to remove the dish soap and shampoo and condition your hair.

The solvent method; while effective for traditional skin, poly perimeter, and lace bases, is not recommended for thin skin bases.

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