The Bond we don’t want to break

Hair Replacement Systems are attached to your scalp and held in place using some form of adhesive: whether tape-style or liquid-style. This adhesive is not fast-acting, and a lot of new hair system users often forget this fact: they think that they can immediately get their hair system wet, sweaty, hot, and steamy. This is obviously not a good idea; as the adhesive needs time to work properly.

Hair system adhesives need roughly 24 hours to be able to set; a process commonly referred to as “curing”. During this time, the hair system needs to be cool and dry; just as when you’re attaching the system to your scalp. After attachment; you will need to wait roughly a day before attempting to get wet, hot, sweaty, and steamy. Try to avoid swimming, showering, and high-intensity exercise, as well as staying in hot and steamy areas such as saunas or Japanese onsen.

Once the adhesive’s bond sets; you can do the previously-mentioned activities without any trepidation. Although you may experience some lifting or tiny amounts of loosening, water should not affect you at this point. You do; however, need to be wary of steam, which can cause your hair adhesive’s bond to loosen. Once you cool down again; though, your hair system’s adhesive bond will “re-cure” or begin to strengthen again.

How effective and how long the bond works is also determined by various other factors; such as your unique body chemistry and the type of adhesive that you use. Most hair system users can last one or two weeks before needing re-attachment. And if your hair system’s bond softens, there’s no need to fret: unless you exert a conscious effort to remove the hair system or violently rip it off, it won’t fall or come off your head due to accidental pulls and tugs. If the bond loosens or the hair system exhibits some lifting; there may have been a problem with either scalp prep or the base cleaning methodology.

So be sure to rest after attachment, to let your hair system cure and form a bond that won’t easily break.

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